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Welcome to MK Motors

MK Motors are a small family run business established since 2008 with the aim of providing dealer level quality service at local garage prices. All our prices are fixed so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. We pride ourselves in providing an honest and trustworthy service that has kept customers returning year after year.

Our services

Ghost Immobilisers

The Ghost by Autowatch is the world’s first immobiliser that secures your vehicle without having to carry any extra key fobs. Vehicle is immobilised until a pin is entered using the original buttons in the car.
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GPS Trackers

Need the extra security? Want to monitor daily activities? We have broad range of trackers for personal and fleet usage. Monitor in real-time using your smartphone, view tracking history, current location & speed.
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Dash Cams

Protect yourself from crash-for-cash scams. Capture quality video footage and settle any disputes that can occur following an collision or an incident. Video footage can be used in courts to settle claims.
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Book a MOT today and we will make sure your vehicle adheres to road safety and environmental standards set by the government. Free pick up and drop off, if you are within a 2 mile radius.
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ODIS Software

We use genuine VAS equipment combined with the latest up to date ODIS software giving us access to online services provided by the VW & Audi Group.
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ECU Remapping

Want to gain more power, torque and better MPG? Then look no further. Remapping will dramatically improve your vehicles performance and improve your MPG! Contact us Today.
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ODIS Component Protection

Genuine VW Audi Group Diagnostics. We have registered access VW Audi Group servers in Germany. We can program keys, update software, remove component protection and much more for VW, Audi, Skoda & Seat.
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At MK Motors we use the industry’s leading publisher of technician information: Autodata to continue to maintain vehicles in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.
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Cam Belts

The cam belt or timing belt keeps the pistons and valves moving in sync. We can replace your vehicles cam belt, contact us for replacement intervals or for a quote.
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If you have any doubts about the performance of your brakes get them checked, it’s free! We fit discs and pads and can supply a range of different brands at a competitive price including genuine parts.
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We are highly experienced at replacing exhausts. Your exhaust system is the only means of channeling away dangerous fumes created by your engine. Get it fixed and keep the MPG up.
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Clutches & Flywheels 

We fit clutch kits & dual mass flywheels, we have a competitive edge on cost of parts. We don’t fit reconditioned clutches as these tend to fail. When comparing prices compare like for like on brands.
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Let Them speak for us !

"Really professional guys, took time to listen and explain everything. Remap is amazing made a huge difference, can't recommend them enough."
Léon Xavier
"I travel 130 miles as they never fail me also they are fairly priced and always give fantastic service thank you. "
Idris Feather
"Absolutely wonderful honest mechanical garage this is, family Amazing service. Honest with prices, don't mess you around, professional and trustworthy. Remap made a big difference and would recommend to anyone. "
Sami S
"Great guys, very helpful and knowledgeable, excellent service, would recommend! My goto garage!"
Abu Hashim
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